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apartment (multifamily) investing basics seminar

Do you...

Want to learn how to invest in multifamily but not sure where to start?

Want to pivot your career?


Have a lump sum of money and not sure what to do with it?

Guess what?! We've got you covered.

WHat to expect

The Apartment Investing Basics Seminar is designed and taught by real-life multifamily investor Pam Scamardo. The goal of this seminar is to teach you how to retire early by investing in apartment buildings. Pam is a self taught investor, and now wants to give you the knowledge to experience the same freedom she has.


So where do you start? This class is designed to set YOU up for success when you embark on your multifamily investing journey. We have compiled a comprehensive course full of resources and tips and will give you the confidence to pivot your investments and start earning passive income! 


What you will learn:

1. Why Invest in Multi-Family?

Learn the major benefits of investing in MF

How to find "Your Big Picture"

How to calculate your MAGIC NUMBER to become financially free


The truth on how you make money

Difference between single-family homes vs multifamily

4. Investor Types

​Learn what are good deals vs bad deals

Identify best deals for the following investor types:

- Long Term​

- Short Term

- Cash Flow

Learn the secret sauce on how to find the correct investor for each investor type

7. Your Next Steps

What actions you need to take after the seminar to get you closer to your financial goal

2. What You Need to Get Started

Why knowledge is POWER!

Who should you ask to invest with you?


HOW to ask and raise capital


Find your key players and build your team


Successful networking tips


How to use search tools, such as LoopNet, to your advantage

5. Funding

No money? No problem! How to raise capital

What type lenders are out there?

How to prepare prior to asking for a loan

What to do if  the lender tells you NO

3. CRE Key Terms

Simplified commercial real estate lingo


ABC property types


What formulas to use and analyze properties with

The different styles of apartment buildings 

6. Deal Process

How the deal comes full circle: from start to finish and what to expect along the way

Pros and Cons Tip Chart

How to overcome decision fatigue 



March 22, 2022
4-6 pm PST
What's in it for you?
  • 2 hours of live virtual training

  • An electronic version of the Multifamily Investing 101 Workbook containing rich content, tips, and resources to get you started in your real estate journey

  • Complimentary 30 minute consultation post event

  • Meet and network with like-minded individuals and form connections with others looking to join the industry

A physical copy of the workbook is also available for additional purchase. Last day to purchase is March 9 at 11:59 PM PST

If you refer a friend, you will each get $50 off of your price.

Email us at to claim this deal.

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Intermediate course

You will learn:​

  • How to write an offer

  • How to analyze a Pro Forma

  • How to negotiate

  • What it means to perform due diligence 

  • Where to find motivated sellers

  • Live Loopnet search criteria demo

  • Exit strategies to consider

  • Do you need an LLC?

advanced course

What will be taught:

  • You bought your property... now what!?

  • Calculate common expenses

  • Tax advantages and benefits

  • Live demo of real life case study

satisfaction guarantee

This course will be extremely helpful in your multifamily investing journey. Your time is valuable and so is ours, so we strive to provide you with high quality education. If you are not satisfied with your learning experience, we will provide you with a full refund*. 


* Requests must be submitted within 24 hours from the seminar conclusion.

Meet pam 
Crew Network 2020_0005_edited.jpg

Pam was able to quit her full time engineering job in