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I have known Pam for many years ever since her days of working as an engineer in the aerospace industry. She is a very hard worker who will not stop until the job is done right. I've had a great experience investing with Pam and her team and continue to partner with her. I am so proud to see her launch The CREATE Wealth Network for the purpose of spreading the knowledge on passive income investing. 


Pam Scamardo is an entrepreneur extraordinaire. Her vision as a leader is what drew me to initially work with her. I now admire her influence and innovation. Pam offers the tools and resources for women to walk in her footsteps to becoming independent financially, with the freedom and wisdom to gain wealth through real estate, collaboration and networking.


Having worked with real estate investors for over 10 years, I am really impressed with the knowledge the CREATE Wealth Team has. They have a holistic approach to real estate investing combining training and education to elevate their investors.  I would highly recommend The CREATE Wealth Network to investors of all skills levels.


I have gotten to know Pam through our mutual Board involvement with CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women). Pam not only has a magnetic personality and smile, she is professional in all her dealings and is one of the most hardworking ladies I know! She is knowledgeable and passionate- two of the most important qualities to me. She is always looking to connect those around her. I would recommend Pam to both working professionals or friends.


Pam Scamardo is a strong, dedicated individual. She has been unbelievably helpful and full of knowledge, she has the ability to ask the right questions to fully understand what you are looking for. And, always willing to help.  She has years of experience in her field, and I would highly recommend her to all of my partners.  

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