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What is a TSG?

A “Trustee Sale Guarantee”, commonly referred to as a “TSG”, is a title report given to a Trustee to provide recorded information pertinent to the foreclosure process. The TSG assists the lender in a non-judicial foreclosure permitted in some states. The foreclosure process begins when the Trustor defaults in the performance of their loan obligation to the lender. Each state may prescribe specific laws as to the foreclosure process and required notices.

What information is generally included in a TSG?

  • Legal description and vesting of title to the property

  • Mortgage or Deed of Trust(s) recorded

  • Encumbrances and liens on the property

  • Property taxes and bankruptcies

  • Names/addresses of individuals/entities who must receive notice of the foreclosure proceedings

  • Newspaper qualified for publication of the foreclosure proceedings

  • City or Judicial District in which the land is located

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