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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Brandon Here, I wanted to address some questions since our launch!


Since The C.R.E.A.T.E. Wealth Network’s website launch, the team is taking a conscious look towards our future. It is fantastic that our vision has started, but we want to continue bringing new and relevant information to our community. We have been diving headfirst into answering your burning questions!

We love reading your emails, just send them to! Kylie, Pam, or I might be able to send a personalized reply!

Here is a snapshot of emailed questions we have received. I wanted to clear some of the repeat questions just so people do not have to wait an email with our responses!


How do I get started?

Getting started is easy and you are in the right spot! We constantly update our information at I recommend our Beginner’s Corner, but when you complete that, it is not the end of your educational journey. Truly, it is the start. We recommend finding the information through books, websites, and your network. You do not need a degree in real estate, a real estate license, or a coach to get started. Take the time to see what you like about the industry. You will find something that you might really enjoy or have a talent for. From crafting the financial models, engaging with brokers, an eye for great deals, or something else! We are not the only website, but we work hard to consolidate much of the beginning information you will need to be successful!


Do I need money?

Obviously, real estate requires money. You gotta spend money to make money, but the real question is “Is it YOUR money?”

Many can get their start without fronting their own cash. They find friends, family, and investors who will help fund the property. Though with other people’s money, you will be expected to carry the brunt of the work like repairs, remodeling, and dealing with tenants. However, it is a start on your real estate journey! Real Estate is entrepreneurial, and it sure requires a great deal of hard work. You need to continually manage and chart out your financial future.

In most cases, you will need to provide a 25% down payment. As an example, you would like to purchase a $100,000 rental in the Midwest. You would need to put down 25%, or $25,000 and the bank would loan the rest to you! Almost all real estate transactions deal with some degree of debt, so don’t look at the million-dollar price tag with surprise. Leverage your resources and network to work together in building a real estate portfolio.


Why should we trust your information?

Don't let her looks deceive you!

Pam has her own company TPK Properties LLC, which manages multi-family apartment buildings. She has a track record of doing real estate deals and lives off of her rental income!

She truly has a heart for others and has the education to back her investments. This information is a culmination of her thoughts, trials, and results as a real estate landlord. This information will help you, now it’s up to you to dedicate time to learning.


Is real estate investing the fast track to riches?

Real estate gurus will tell you this over and over, yet it can be true. If you do the math, you might only need a few (3-5 deals) properties to secure your financial independence. It is not easy or an instant path to wealth! For every person who does well, there is another who may have lost it all on a foolish decision. Therefore, it is imperative to gauge your level of risk and understand that real estate is a slow wealth building vehicle.


Thankfully, is here to continue answering more questions! Keep our inbox full, and we want to present more in our blog! I am always checking the emails, so just be patient. We want to make sure that everyone has a strong understanding of real estate investing and can fulfill their financial independence dreams. Wishing you all the best in your real estate investing goals!

Now, Let’s Go Create Wealth! - The Wealth Team


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