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List of Recommended Attorneys

If there's one person to add to your team at the start of your commercial real estate investing journey, it is your real estate attorney. In every single step of the way, especially for beginners, it's important to have a trustworthy attorney on your side to help you interpret contracts, draft legal documents, and consult with so that you don't cross the legal lines! This is an area where we recommend you don't scrimp, a valuable attorney is worth the cost because they can help you save lots of $$$ in the grand scheme of things. You get what you pay for, this saying is VERY TRUE in this arena. 

There are plenty of attorneys out there, so find your teammate who is a good fit for YOUR team! 


Below are attorneys Pam has personally worked with, if you choose to contact them, please tell them Pam from the The C.R.E.A.T.E. Wealth Network referred you!

  1. Peggy Hosking - Business Attorney at Best Best & Krieger LLP 

  2. Marlene Allen Murray - Attorney / Senior Counsel at Gresham Savage

  3. Kim Lisa Taylor - Securities Attorney at Syndication Attorneys, PLLC

List of Recommended Law Firms

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