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By: Brandon Yamada

Cal Poly Pomona Real Estate Association Club Past President

Real estate means a lot of different things to people. Property, ownership, sales, flipping…the list goes on. To me, it’s a pathway to a fantastic career. Real estate is nearly everything you encounter. From the place you work, live and shop, each is a part of the real estate world. But what does it mean to a college student?

Why strive to live the 40 hour, 40(ish) weeks, 40 year lifestyle when there are ways to create wealth and enjoy financial independence? That has certainly not been what I’ve been looking for. I would much rather invest early to enrich my life through real estate. To complement my income and allow me to open new opportunities. Early retirement sounds unattainable to many Americans living paycheck to paycheck, I am confident real estate will secure my future.

A few people I’ve met said they were looking into ways to make cash easily in real estate. I also shake my head to that, because real estate often requires a lot of work to create decent returns. Success takes time and a lot of effort. Often, it takes someone with a different mindset to break free from the average.

Every college student I speak to complains financial education was not taught in school. I ask them, would you have cared if it was offered? They contemplate for a few seconds, and reply with an enthusiastic “YES!”. Naturally, I laugh and say I wish they did too. However, I strongly believe if you don’t have the desire and discipline to live within your means, save, and invest for the future it would be chalked as a useless class I got an easy A in. Again, I must iterate that financial success really does align to your mindset.

In college, I was interested in becoming wealthy. I searched out people who were part of the real estate industry as professionals and investors. I watched YouTube videos, listened to Podcasts, and read numerous books. A student subscription to the Wall Street Journal helps a lot! The time commitment was very tedious. The vocabulary took a lot of time to master, but the information was widely shared.

As a young college student, planning your college journey is essential. The right classes, professors, and ensuring you get to the end is key. Starting somewhere matters. So why not your financial help? Having a plan and sticking to the details will help immensely to get to your end destination. It doesn’t mean early retirement, but options. Your favorite charity, place of worship, or extra spending money for yourself. It isn’t selfish to look after yourself. It’s like what they say on an airplane, put your mask on before helping others.

Before you say learning real estate and finance is too difficult, everything is difficult if you don’t ever try. You don’t need a real estate license or degree in real estate to be an expert. Most apartment owners do not have these qualifications. All you need is to have a willingness to learn, just like any job. It takes effort to build a passive income stream, but education allows you to get there.

The CREATE Wealth Network enters the equation to equalize the learning portion. Not only is the information centralized, it brings like-minded individuals. It joins people in the real estate industry with knowledge with passionate learners who will mutually benefit from one another. The CREATE Wealth Network was created by someone who has reached financial independence. She is interested in guiding others and making it easier for others to follow suit.

You’re more than welcome to learn from other sources, but it gets tedious when you might not know where to start. If you are interested in a particular field, let us know. We can find experts to host a webinar to help you learn! It’s always good to reach out, we are happy to help! Here’s to your successful journey. Let’s go create wealth!

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