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Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts

Did you know that an IRA can purchase and hold real estate?  In fact, an IRA can hold a number of assets outside of the traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds.


Buying real estate in your IRA could be an opportunity to diversify your retirement portfolio while investing in what you know best.


Click on the additional resources below to read more on IRA rules:


IRS Publication 590-A:

IRS Publication 590-B:

IRS Section 4975:

Click on the link below to be directed previously recorded Webinars/Classes on investing in real estate with Self-Directed IRAs:

Here's a great book to read on Self-Directed IRAs:


Disclosure:  The book link above is an affiliate link and at no cost to you, we will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Thank you!

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